The challenge of fishing grass

When you pull up to a grass-covered lake it can be a surprising and alarming discovery to see all the grass you have to deal with to catch a fish. There are, however, some things that I recommend and if you spend just a little time dissecting the grass you can figure out where the fish are.
One of the first discoveries that you need to overcome is that not all grass is created equal. There is a key factor that can help you eliminate a good portion of it, especially in the summer months when the grass grows the most. It’s easy! Just visually observe the grass and find the greenest of the grass in the area you’re targeting. Do a little discovery by slowly moving around the edges looking for what stands out as good, green, color. When the grass is in that summertime growing mode, and there is an area that appears greener than others, this is where the fish like to hide. The reason they choose the greener grass is that it produces more oxygen and in the heat of the summer that is a key ingredient to where the fish hang out.
I find that once I find the greenest of grass I start to look at my Navionics mapping to see what the contours are telling me. Depth change is always an important key when looking for bass! So finding green grass that is highlighted with depth change around it can really be a defining. Drops, river channel nearby, points, roadbeds or hard swings in contours in the green grass area can be just what the doctor ordered and will probably be loaded with fish. You see, fishing in grass is not much different with respect to bottom change, it makes a difference regardless of whether there is grass or not.
Lastly, bass hang out where there appears to be different types of grass. if you’re in a solid hydrilla bed with no other species of grass around you then you’re probably not catching fish.
Different species of grass allow for ambush areas as some grasses are thinner than others giving them places to hide and then attack their food source. Observe the green grass, observe the bottom and look for a variety of grass types and you will find the bass.
Captain Mike


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