Monday, February 18, 2019
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Changes could be coming for U.S. 72 and County Park area Wednesday, 13 February 2019 15:49

During the recent City Council Work session a resolution/agreement for the Highway Safety Improvement program for County Park Road and Highway 72 was again discussed.

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Commission discusses voting precincts Friday, 01 February 2019 16:49

Jackson County Commission held their work session on Tuesday of last week.

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Goose Pond as entertainment district? Mayor addresses access grant Thursday, 17 January 2019 16:04

During the recent Scottsboro City Council Work Session, Goose Pond’s Lyle Sosebee presented City Councilmen with a proposed ordinance that would allow Goose Pond to become an entertainment district.

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Senator Mo Brooks recently attended the State of the City address, hosted by the City of Scottsboro, Mayor Robin Shelton, The Scottsboro Electric Power Board, The Scottsboro Water, Sewer and Gas Board and the Greater Jackson County Chamber of Commerce.

Brooks  began the meeting by addressing the crowd and stating that Bellefonte is on the move, and while it’s not going nearly as fast as wished, however, it is moving in the right direction.
Shelton began the State of the City by thanking The Docks for providing the refreshments. Shelton stated he’s been in office for about 15 months. Shelton stated that Roy Light and Phillip Chaney are outstanding individuals and are crown jewels in the community. Shelton also introduced Dr. Jay Reyes. Scottsboro Board of Ed superintendent. He stated that he feels that the one thing accomplished has been working together, with council members, department heads, chamber, EDA, Chaney and Light. Shelton stated that this has all been a blessing, and has been a team effort.  
Shelton stated that the city has their new website up and running  and that the Goose Pond Walking Trail extension has been completed. Shelton stated that phase two of the downtown renovations will take place this Spring.
Shelton explained that drainage has been a large focus, with a  lot of attention on drainage and infrastructure. He stated there is a method to the madness. He stated that they worked with the Methodist Church and Lozier  and that about 12 acres were purchased from the Bynum Foundation to eventually place a retention pond in the area. Shelton stated that the city is not in the real estate business, however, it will pay great dividends in the future. Shelton stated that a lot of water will come off of the ball fields and the area.
Shelton announced that they worked with the Armory Commission and acquired the armory building and then gave it to the Rescue Squad.
Shelton stated that property was purchased from the Proctor Family to complete the service road, to allow travelers to go from Highway 35 to a red light in front of Wal-Mart.
He stated that the City is in the process of doing a turnaround at the Airport to allow larger aircraft to turn around without being on the runway. Shelton explained that a  lot of jets do come in to the City of Scottsboro and they feel this is another enhancement.
Shelton stated that while he won’t dwell on Veteran’s Field, the project is wrapping up. He praised the SEPB for their help on the project. Shelton stated that after the lighting was installed, MUSCO wanted to know who had installed the lights, because they felt it was the best installation they had seen in the Southeast.
Shelton also announced that three new trucks were purchased for the Sanitation Department. He stated that while they need more, this was a beginning.
An alternative sentence coordinator was added to the City in 2017. He stated that Bobby Guffey filled the job. Shelton explained that the program is paying great dividends and helping people out.
Medical issues are a constant component of what the fire department is dealing with now. Shelton stated that the Mayor’s meeting, hosted by the Chamber, where all mayor’s in the county work together and share resources, is a huge asset for all of us. He stated that medical will be an upcoming topic and how we can improve response time with the ambulance service for the citizens.
Shelton stated that the Parks and Recreation is constantly growing. He stated that the investments have been wise and that quality of life is what people look for when they come into an area.
Shelton’s 2018 wish list includes the Clemmons Road bid opening; the service road completion; the Parks Avenue Bridge; the Cecil Street drainage culvert replacements; the addition of the first City of Scottsboro Storm Shelter, which will be placed near Randall’s Chapel United Methodist Church; the extension of the Goose Pond Walking Trail across the causeway to the Marina to an eight lane boat ramp, the ramp is currently only three lanes. Shelton stated this project is really a 2019 project, but he feels extremely excited about it.
Shelton also spoke regarding the potential of Scottsboro City Board of Education consolidation of schools. Shelton stated that while he as well as everyone who has attended, have fond memories of these schools, he feels that this is an opportunity and he trusts the Board of Education to make the right decision. He stated that his hats are off to the Board and the challenge ahead.
Shelton stated that he is in favor of a fuel tax and that while the city earmarks $200,000 per year for paving, it is not near enough. Shelton stated sometimes you have to do the right thing for progress.
Shelton stated that the City and county have not always had a close relationship, however he and previous Commission Chairman Matthew Hodges, and current Chair Mike Ashburn work together well. Shelton stated that each county commissioner has came to his office and asked how they could help. He went onto say that there are City employees who live in the county, and city residents who work in the county. Shelton further stated that while some of us have a little more money and a little more available in resources, we are all in this together.


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